Quality Policy

It is the policy of Dill Air Controls Products to meet or exceed Internal and External Customer Expectations by providing superior Products and Services.

It is the policy of Dill Air Controls Products (“Dill”) to meet customer expectations by providing superior products.

Dill, headquartered in Oxford, North Carolina, has established a quality management system that satisfies the needs of its customers and assures continuous improvement in product design, manufacturing processes, and measurement techniques. The quality management system covers the design, manufacturing, verification, and delivery of our products and complies with the most recent version of ISO. See our ISO 9001:2015 Management System Certificate (PDF, 45k), (PDF, 45k), which renewed in August 2018.

The Dill Quality Manual has been prepared which describes the quality system for Dill. The manual is a source of reference for Quality System Procedures, which define responsibilities concerned with the operation and monitoring of the quality system, and assists in the training and education of new staff in matters relating to quality. Dill does not have service agreements with customers and does not provide service centers, special tools or measuring equipment, or offer training of service personnel.

The Quality Manual provides customers an understanding of Dill’s commitment to quality and confidence in the capabilities of the company to produce a quality product. The Quality Manual and Quality System Procedures are electronically maintained by the Quality Assurance Department. Controlled copies are issued upon request.